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Marina at UCSF Medical Center / Benioff Children's Hospital in San Francisco

As one person you may not be able to change the
world, but you can change the world of one person…

In lieu of flowers,
contributions would be appreciated.
Thank you...

Thank You for Your Donation!

For updates on Marina's condition
please call 209-499-8037


Woke up this morning thanking God for the many blessings he has given us; The true blessings of Family, Friends, Love, Hope, Joy, Forgiveness…and ESPECIALLY YOU!

I (Ruben Sr), haven't stopped thinking about the incredible Fundraiser that was held for Marina my wonderful and beautiful wife.


Saying everyone had a great time, is an understatement.

Thank God for the spirit of Love that surrounded us on that special occasion.

The whole day was so inspiring, so magical and so loving.

We are so happy you chose that day to share a portion of your Love and Friendship with Marina and each other.

We truly appreciate and thank you for your Love and Support; your gracious gifts will be used on Marina's healing journey, they really are a blessing.

It will assist us with the medical and transportation expenses to that miraculous and blessed place, UCSF Medical Center / Benioff Children's Hospital in San Francisco

UCSF Medical Center, whose hands are always outstretched to those in need of Hope and Miracles, has changed Marina's and our lives forever in a wonderful and incredible way.

You have made our lives richer and more complete because of it.

Dr. Andreadis and his caring Staff, the amazing physicians at UCSF Medical Center, and all the people with whom we have come in contact with in the City of San Francisco; you have all been so caring, so kind, and so awesome!

Thank you!

Marina is currently receiving treatments at UCSF.


When we arrived at Lake Yosemite that afternoon you were all so friendly and welcoming.

Prior to arriving, Marina was a bit nervous and anxious as we got closer to the venue; it had been a very long time that she had been out in a public setting since being diagnosed with cancer.

Because the Loves and Hugs were so tender, so beautiful and so genuine and comforting, Marina soon regained her composure, took a deep breath and calmly flashed a beaming smile that I'll always remember.

Knowing that you were all there for Marina made the day more special for all of us.

Seeing that many close friends and family members could not attend, because of the great distances for some and work the next day (Monday) for others, they nonetheless sent their heartfelt Love and Prayers; seeing as the Spirit of Love can travel, faster than an old school flux-capacitor powered '64 Chevy Impala SS, It arrived on-time.

Marina and I didn't want to leave Lake Yosemite that evening after the lively Fundraiser.

We remained around as long as we could to admire the picturesque calmness of the lake as the sun slowly set.

The view of the lake was stunning, breathtaking!

We didn't want this incredible, special moment to ever end.

It was just too wonderful of an emotional and spiritual experience for us to just say "Adios/Farewell".


The next morning, awaking at the same time, we just looked at each other and thanked the Lord for another beautiful and blessed day, then shared an emotional tear and a heartwarming smile.

Resting at home now, Marina and I sit back and relax, close our eyes allowing ourselves to be transported back in time and replay that whole day's glorious encounter in our hearts.

We were totally convinced that the moments, the feelings we were experiencing at home were real and nobody could persuade or prove us otherwise.

The weird and wacky thing is that we felt like we weren't daydreaming, and it wasn't a mirage or a hallucination, it was really happening.

"I" personally could see everyone having the time if their life exchanging amusing stories, the mouthwatering taste of Birria still linger on my lips, I could hear the band playing, people dancing and the laughter of the children as they play nearby.
I could smell everything too (It wasn't me, the couple sitting in the table behind...never mind).Lol

It really felt as if I was in the hall at Lake Yosemite, delighting in Marina's, our kids', our grandkids and all the guests laughter and joy; the sweet mood blended with song; witnessing the building of new and the fortifying old friendships with Love...the intimate interactions with everyone in attendance created an utterly breathtaking experience.

It was surreal.

Over the course of the night, delightful tales were recounted, fond memories revisited, new and lasting friendships forged.

Like watching your favorite movie on TV (pre DVR), we wish we could make July 20, 2014 play-on forever.

This loving encounter had become, "Our NEW Favorite Movie", which we will play over and over our hearts forever.

Does anyone know where I can get a "live remote control", like the one on the movie "Click", one that will allow me to rewind and play this day over and over and over?

I haven't checked Amazon yet…Lol.


Cal "Sky Hawk" it was so delightful to welcome you and your beautiful family.

The Bear Creek Crew sends their Love to you…

You, like your kind and dear father (Mr. Haynes) before you, have always been an incredible and inspiring performer and longtime good and loyal family friend.

Thank you for sharing in your sacred Dancing and Stories, Love for the Holy Spirit, and reminding us that we are not alone; we are a part of a bigger family; we are children of the Most High.

The story you shared about me when we were kids... I owe you one. Lol!

All the best to you and your family!

Thank You!


Not trying to draw any attention to them selves; there was no confusing the Harley-Davidson motorcycle's unique sound as riders proudly yet humbly rode in.

"Sky Hawk" invited them into the Fish and Game Hall and they, without delay joined all the guests for a loud and deafening roof-razing cheer for Marina, then in a reverent Mass like opening prayer.

"We all gathered and rallied here today for a special person and a special cause that is close our hearts, because cancer affects many people, and especially when it is the Mom of a very close friend", stated one of the riders.

Friends, family and members of the biker family gathered as the motorcycles were parked in two perfect rows forming an aisle for Marina.

"I am so happy. This has been extra special; forgive me, I don't know what to say" stated Marina, "Thank you all for coming. You don't know how much this means to me."

Prior to departing they all gathered around her, and one -by-one they tenderly hugged and kissed her, telling a tearing Marina how much they admired her, that she was very special to everyone and promised to pray for her.

Earlier they presented her with gifts and showered her with their warmhearted Love.

Marina's face beamed with a smile from ear-to-ear, like a child opening presents on Christmas Eve, as they assisted her onto a few of their many awesome bikes and took pictures.

As the riders prepared to leave, we felt the entire ground shake as the Harleys circled the parking lot before departing.

Many of the guests darted out of the Hall to locate the source of the thunder they had obviously heard and felt.

They gathered and silently watched in awe as they again experienced the sound of the Harley's engines pumping and pounding throughout their bodies.

As they rode away I saw everyone waving and shouting their good-byes, as I turned toward Marina; her knowing that the thunder of the bikes motors would make it nearly impossible for any of them to hear; I saw her saying her Good-bye with a heartfelt smile and a joyful tear.

Marina is so cute and Sweet…


Jimmy and the Guys in the Band, and the DJ thank you; you and your families were awesome!

Marina and I, along with everyone present were moved and got carried away with your excellent performance.

The playlist and the band member's incredible musical talent had the perfect blend of Old School Oldies for the OG's, Musica Mexicana for our parents "the Original OG's", and Rock'n'Roll for the Rockers...

Jimmy and the band members, your warmth and enthusiasm; the friendship and Joy were obvious in your musical performance, you struck the perfect chords.

The sensation of extreme Joy, which can only be reached through listening to your all-time favorite song, you guys took us there.

Jimmy if that was your intention; that feeling my friend was effectively reached and we are thankful.

As a direct result of this most extraordinary celebration; this moment quickly became "Our NEW Favorite Song".

The delightful sensation that you provided for all, is forever seared in the rhythm of our souls.

From the bottom of Marina and our hearts, thank you Jimmy, band members and DJ for sharing your music, family and friendship with us and for becoming a very necessary instrument of "Our NEW Favorite Song".

You guys, "Rocked the House!" with the passion and joy that can only come from within.

Surely you are true entertainers!


To the many sponsors and makers of the great raffle prizes our sincere thanks go out to you.

Jessie (my mother-in-law) thank you for long and hard work on the charming homemade gifts you crocheted with Love, Bless you.

Also to the many friends and family members who wore the many different hats of cooks, servers, ticket sellers, decorators, clean up crew...

"Everything is so fantastic!" was the jingle most heard throughout the event, when commenting on how fantastic the food, service and their experience was.

Marina and I want to thank you publicly for your hard work, sacrifice and dedication.

This memorable day could not have been more perfect!

You all gave up your time to be, "behind the scenes", we will forever be grateful.

I just wanted to let you know-the things you did for Marina did not go unnoticed.

May God shower you with many Blessings!

You were the essential harmony in "Our NEW Favorite Song".

We appreciate your dedication and hard work, and I know others did too...

You guys were AWESOME Thank You!


The storytelling magic of the day's events: The reverent prayers, timeless songs, delicious homemade food, sacred dancing, the picturesque view of Lake Yosemite, children laughing and playing…

The equally inspired Old-timers sharing their life's stories with the young or with any of the many guests who dared to listen; this interaction soon earned them all an invitation/right to become official or maybe certifiable Family Members. Lol

The melody is far from over. These new notes will find their way into the playlist of life, set against acquaintances new and old, sung by people who give meaning to the music.

This compiled collection of delightful individual short stories propelled this enchanting tale of Love, Laughter and Friendship into everyone's NEW Favorite Movie and Song.

Just like looking at old photographs is a treasured family pastime, this playlist/song too will find its own unique way into becoming a musical journey that will light up dreary day.


Marina tearfully and joyfully remarked, "I can't believe you all came here for me.

I feel like I am a part of a larger Loving Family, Thank You!

It was one of My Best Good Days, of which I was blessed and honored to experience.

Thank You God, I Love You so much!" …

The Love, Prayers and Support that you all showered on Marina and us, are going to be remembered fondly on the "Good Days", and as encouragement in the "bad days".

Thank you for thinking of Marina; you made her feel so Special and Loved.

You will always be a part of our lives.

With all the gratitude our humble hearts can offer.

May God's Blessings to you be joined with Love, Peace and Joy!

Love Always...

Ruben, Marina and Familia <><t

This never ending melody of Love is written by God, and is born into the hearts of all people…

Similarly, the journey of life can well be described as one long playlist of our Favorite Songs: With us shuffling from one memorable Loving tune to another.

The melody of true Love plays on...

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails...


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